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Thank you, VC! Everything was just perfect! The counsellors, the activities and the location where we stayed…EVERYTHING! I have met amazing people from all over the world!
The value of Traidhos Family Camp for our group was feeling more involved with Thai society, learning about new cultures and thinking about others.
Helen 2019, Traidhos Camp
I love the new boarding house, Beau Site, it is like staying in a hotel. I definitely want to come back to summer camp next year.
Jennifer, from Egypt, La Garenne Summer Camps
Alexander and Jospeh had a fantastic time at Camp Suisse and will definitely be back next year. It has been an amazing experience for them. The camp is extremely well...
I would like to thank you for your kind letter sent to us. My daughters were so excited to read it and were brought to tears of joy at the...
It was a wonderful time studying and playing in Traidhos, the activity was so excellent and the teachers were with great enthusiasm to their career. The kids kept saying that...
Icey Camp December 2019, Traidhos Camp
Really amazing experience. Great set up, wonderful people and great learning experience. Keep up the good job.

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