The internet travel portal (hereinafter World Camps) offers its services as a travel agent exclusively based on these General Terms and Conditions. They regulate the legal relationship between the customer and World Camps.

The customer is the natural person who sends the travel registration form. If the Travel Participant is a minor, the Customer confirms by sending the Travel Registration Form that the Travel Participant’s legal guardian consents to the booking.

World Camps acts for the Customer on the basis of a paid agency agreement (hereinafter referred to as “Agency Agreement”) and arranges travel services of tour operators who provide travel services on their own responsibility to the Customer. The tour operators are commercial as well as non-profit persons under private and public law. World Camps is not active as a tour operator.

These terms and conditions apply to all bookings of travel services that are concluded electronically via the Internet travel portal

In order to keep the text comprehensible, we have restricted ourselves to the masculine form when referring to persons, e.g. the customer. We ask for your understanding.

1. conclusion of contract
1.1 By sending the travel registration form (booking request) provided in the travel portal, the Customer makes a binding offer to World Camps for the conclusion of an agency contract. Accordingly, World Camps shall mediate a contract for certain travel services (hereinafter referred to as “Main Contract”) between the Customer and the respective tour operator. The booking request shall at the same time constitute the Customer’s offer to conclude the Main Contract with the Tour Operator.
1.2 World Camps accepts the Customer’s mediation request in text form. With the acceptance of the booking request by World Camps, the brokerage contract shall be concluded between World Camps and the Customer as an agency contract. The agency agreement does not require a specific form. 1.3.
1.3 If the travel service requested by the Customer is available and the Tour Operator accepts the Customer’s offer to conclude the main contract for this travel service, the main contract shall be concluded between the Customer and the Tour Operator. The acceptance of the customer’s booking offer by the tour operator is effected by the transmission of a booking confirmation in writing or in text form.
1.4 World Camps only mediates travel services and does not guarantee the availability of a travel service. The tour operator’s offer is limited and may not be available at the time of booking.
1.5 The Customer’s rights and obligations towards the Tour Operator shall be governed exclusively by the provisions of the main contract and the Tour Operator’s travel and business conditions. World Camps shall draw the Customer’s attention to the Tour Operator’s travel and business conditions before or at the conclusion of the main contract and give the Customer the opportunity to take note of their contents.
1.6 If the Customer also registers other travel participants for the travel service, the Customer undertakes to also be responsible for the contractual obligations of all travel participants registered by him, provided that he has assumed this obligation by means of an express and separate declaration.

2. services of World Camps
2.1 The Customer has no right to material or immaterial additional services from World Camps.
2.2 World Camps may nevertheless provide the Customer with any services after the booking has been made. However, these shall in no way constitute an obligation on the part of the Customer to provide a service in return.
2.3 The offers on do not include any insurance services, as far as they are not expressly referred to or their legal purchase is offered.

3. booking and payment
3.1 Payments, possible cancellations or rebookings are only made between the customer and the tour operator.
3.2 The payment modalities of the respective tour operator shall apply. World Camps is therefore never the invoicing party vis-à-vis the Customer.
3.3 World Camps’ customer service is at the Customer’s disposal for questions regarding the modalities of the trip and the booking process. World Camps may refer the Customer to the Tour Operator’s customer service in case of questions that exceed the knowledge of its representatives.
3.4 If the content of the Tour Operator’s declaration of acceptance differs from the content of the booking with World Camps, a new offer by the Tour Operator shall exist. The contract shall be concluded on the basis of this new offer if the customer expresses his acceptance to the tour operator within the binding period by means of an express declaration, down payment or payment of the balance.

4. data protection
4.1 At the time of booking, World Camps’ privacy policy shall apply, which can be found at
4.2 World Camps always treats the personal data of the Traveler as well as the Customer confidentially. These data will only be passed on to the respective tour operator in case of a booking.
4.3 By making a booking request, the Customer agrees that their personal data and that of the Travel Participant will be stored electronically for processing.

5. withdrawal from the travel contract
5.1 The customer or the travel participant himself can withdraw from the trip before the start of the trip by written declaration. Decisive for the time of withdrawal is the receipt of the withdrawal notice by the tour operator. For rebooking and withdrawal from the contract, only the conditions of the respective tour operator are relevant.
5.2 The declaration of withdrawal has to be sent to the Tour Operator, World Camps does not guarantee that declarations of withdrawal which have been sent to World Camps incorrectly will be forwarded to the Tour Operator.

6. international passenger transport
6.1 The customer or the travel participant is responsible for the compliance with the respective passport, visa, customs, foreign exchange and health regulations of the vacation country. Costs and disadvantages arising from non-compliance with regulations shall be borne exclusively by the customer.

7. liability arising from service disruptions by the tour operator
7.1 World Camps is not liable for the performance of the travel services described or booked on the website or in the documents.
7.2 The information about the Travels is based on the information provided by the Tour Operator and does not constitute a guarantee on the part of World Camps. Therefore World Camps cannot assume any liability for correctness and completeness. World Camps shall only be liable if World Camps was aware of incorrect or inaccurate information prior to the conclusion of the contract by the Customer or if World Camps should have been aware of such information by exercising due diligence in good faith.
7.3 World Camps shall not be liable for defects and damages incurred by the Customer in connection with the arranged travel service.
7.4 All complaints about the quality of the service must be reported immediately to the tour operator. The Customer may notify World Camps of such quality deficiencies for the purpose of rectifying the deficiencies in the future, and World Camps shall make reasonable efforts to clarify the situation.
7.5 World Camps shall be liable for all damages only in case of intent or gross negligence.
7.6 World Camps failure to verify the actual correctness of the stated characteristics of the Travel shall not constitute slight or gross negligence.
7.7 World Camps shall not be liable for the loss, destruction or damage of the travel documents in connection with the shipment for which World Camps is not responsible.
7.8 If the Customer is aware of an error on the part of World Camps or if he should reasonably have been aware of it, he shall immediately inform World Camps thereof. If he fails to do so, the liability events which would not have occurred if the defect had been reported and World Camps had taken reasonable remedial action shall lapse.

8. dispute resolution
World Camps does not participate in dispute resolution proceedings before a consumer arbitration board and is not legally obliged to do so.