Summer camps offer children a fun and memorable experience. Find the best summer camps in New Hampshire!

Why choose a Summer Camp in New Hampshire?

New Hampshire is the 9th state of the United States of America and is ranked the 346th largest state in terms of area. It is also ranked 41st largest in terms of population. Located in the north eastern region of the country, New Hampshire borders 3 other states: Maine, Massachusetts and Vermont. The northern tip of the state is bordered with Canada and the south east area touches the Atlantic Ocean.

New Hampshire experiences all seasons, from warm humid summers to cold wet winters.
From its 18 miles of seacoast – the shortest of any coastal state in the US – to the summit of the Northeast’s highest peak, New Hampshire packs plenty of variety into an easy-to-reach area. Along with the many places to visit, New Hampshire’s natural attractions offer plenty of things to do in the great outdoors, many of them free. The attractions that draw tourists to this part of New England include beautiful ocean and lake beaches, miles of kayaking waters, above-timberline hiking on the Appalachian Trail, sailing on mountain-ringed lakes, fun-filled theme and water parks for kids, exciting rides to mountaintops, and tours of historic houses.

Best Summer Camps in New Hampshire

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