We asked some of the best summer camps experts in the world about what are the benefits of summer camps! Let’s see what they had to say.

Are you currently wondering whether to send your children to camp this year? Sending a child to camp can create a lot of doubts and question but can also be a fantastic experience for both parents and children.

Summer Camps are a supervised program for children or teenagers conducted during the summer months. Children and adolescents who attend summer camp are known as campers and generally live on campus, this program will be called a residential camp. Providers can also offer day camps with activities during the day only. Camps are typically located in beautiful and natural setting immersing students in a different educational environment while providing a supportive and challenging experience.

Going to camp can be intimidating. However, the experience is well worth the cost. Camps offer students a chance to enjoy nature, exercise, and learn about themselves and others in an enjoyable, supportive environment. They teach children self-reliance and help equip them for a brighter future.

To help you make an informed choice, here are the 8 benefits offered to campers by outdoor education and summer camps:

Connect with nature

In recent times, there has been a sharp decrease in the amount of time children spend in the outdoors. Camps solve this dilemma by providing students with a safe space where they can exercise and enjoy nature. They can go on guided hikes and learn about their world.

Many camps offer lessons in outdoor survival, ecology, and wildlife studies. They teach students how to utilise the resources provided to them by nature. Campers learn to be conscientious citizens who respect the environment. Attending outdoor education or summer camps helps teach children the importance of nature around us while staying healthy and active in a fun environment.

What Summer Camps Experts Answer:

Summer is all about long sunny days, the freedom of outside and the space to get healthy while loving your active life.

That is Summer Camp in Switzerland. You will be racing across meadows, scrambling over rocks and swimming in lakes. There is climbing and tennis and kayaking and sports and games you might never have tried.

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Hiking is a great way to enjoy the benefits of what nature has to offer

Unplug from Technology

Summer camps are a vacation from Technology and Internet! Screen time becomes a problem when it prevents children from doing sports, playing with their friends or siblings, playing outside, reading, doing their homeworks or communicating with others, face to face. More and more parents are saying that one of the best benefit of summer camp is to keep their child away from screens and technology. Summer camp offers a rare opportunity to disconnect from the outside world, to be surrounded by nature and build new friendships by communicating face-to-face — experiences that are increasingly rare for most children these days.

Every camp can apply a different rule regarding technology. Some camps will apply a strict no-screens policy, while others will allow mobile phones at restricted times. Other devices such as tablets, laptops and handheld computer games are generally not allowed. All phones are generally collected at check-in and kept for safe keeping over your child’s stay at camp. Depending on the conditions of the camp, campers will have the opportunity to check their phone (once a day or once per week or more) and check-in with home.

Summer camp keeps children away from screens and technology

Learn new things

Summer camp is also about learning, but this learning is different. It is unlike studying to pass exams and earn diplomas. It is project based and collaborative, it inspires curiosity and creativity, it is problem solving and solution finding in action.

Summer camps will offer hiking, canoeing, biking, campfires and also a wide variety of specialised activities such as sports, arts, music, business, computer programming, language learning, mathematics and many many more, just explore our advanced search to see how many activities or specialties are offered by some of the best summer camps worldwide. Campers are guided by enthusiastic mentors to acquire skills that are going to be really useful to them, they expand their minds and experience the joy there is to be found in learning.

Summer camps provide children with life lessons, new skills, adventures, fun and more

Get healthy (Physically & Mentally)

During summer camps, children will make a lot of exercise everyday. The tonic for their mental health that accompanies all the physical activity is extraordinary. That old phrase mens sana in corpere sano might be over-used but it is true.

Their active summer will bring clarity of thought and new priorities. It is a state of mind when even life’s challenges can find positive solutions. As the days grow shorter and the summer ends, they will carry with them the glow of sunny days and fresh air.

Make new friends

Summer is even better when it is shared with a great team of like-minded people. Just as it is important for children to be physically healthy, it is also important for them to learn how to interact with others. While at camp, children have the opportunity to engage with students from all over the world and from different backgrounds. They can form friendships that they would never have the chance to build outside of camp.

It is a shared experience that will build (lifelong) connections between students and their counsellors.

Because of the new experiences shared, camp friends often become the best friends

Have fun

Many studies have proven that Fun is essential to children’s development because it contributes to the cognitive, physical, social, and emotional wellbeing of children. The amount of fun will depend on the type of summer camp your choose and its focus or specialty.

Typically children and teenagers will participate together in a broad of exciting multi-activity programme of adventure activities alongside fun social elements.

Grow independence, strength and resilience

By spending time away from home, campers learn how to operate on their own without having to constantly look to others for guidance. It is a chance to taste a bit of freedom in a friendly environment where they can feel secure. Because they are supported and cared for, they will handle negative emotions like stress or homesickness.

While at camp children will develop strength, independence, resilience and learn positive conflict-resolution strategies. As a result, they will become better equipped for their future adult life, university or any other path they may choose.

Independence, strength and resilience are important skills to nurture for the children's future

Impress Universities

While it is important to take advantage of the summer as a time to relax and recharge, it’s also a superb opportunity for students to enhance their chances to get into a top university. Universities will be interested to know if students have traveled abroad alone because they know that travel is a powerful experience that broadens minds, extends boundaries, and teaches awareness and understanding of cultural differences.

When trekking around the world isn’t an option, students can also impress universities by attending a camp that offer Community service or Business & Entrepreneurship programs which have numerous positive effects on students, such as helping them to develop soft skills, making contacts, and allowing them to improve the quality of life of others.

Summer camp can be a superb opportunity for students to enhance their chances to get into a top university

What alumni campers say

If you are still not convinced by the above benefits, you might enjoy reading what real alumni campers say about this topic. Discover below verified testimonials from alumni campers sharing the benefits their camp experience brought into their life:

Maggie R.
Maggie R.TASIS Summer Programs in 2004–2005
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The structure of the camp was fun and exciting. I loved being surrounded by the beautiful scenery and getting to travel around the area. The culture, people, and experiences I had will stay with me for a lifetime. A girl I met in the painting class (who lived across the hall from me) is still one of my closest and dearest friends to this day. Growing up we lived across the country from each other but still stayed in touch almost every day. Now we live in the same city! I want to go back! I would love to be a counselor! It was the best summer of my life.
Sally P.
Sally P.TASIS Summer Program in 1966
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Having the wonderful opportunity to attend Swiss Holiday in 1966 started my love of travel. Meeting people from all over the United States (as summer campers) and all over Europe opened my eyes and mind to the many possibilities to learn about different cultures. Being exposed to the history, the culture, and the music, foods, traditions, and "life" abroad was fascinating to me. I will never forget the thrill of going to Port Lligat with our blue VW bus of campers....where we saw Salvador Dali!!! I told my children about having my photo taken with him...what a thrill! He was a character, for sure. I returned to Europe several times after that, and continued my love of "learning"...In 1971 I was married and my husband and I spent three months in Europe...I was able to show him some of my favourite places, including Lugano. Years later, we encouraged our children to TRAVEL and LEARN about other cultures. One son married a wonderful Danish woman, and another married a Chinese woman. We are blessed to incorporate many of their traditions into our lives to this day. Go...Look...See!

There are so many factors to consider when choosing the ideal summer camp, especially when the quality and price can vary so greatly. However, we can help you by putting you in touch with one of our education advisors, who can give you all of the information you need to make the right choice. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services.