If you’re looking for a destination for the summer – or if you’re the parent of a girl looking for somewhere to go during the summer months – one of the best experiences is a girls-only summer camp in the United States.

Reasons to choose a Girls-Only Summer Camp in USA

Not only will they get the benefits of choosing a girls-only camp for an entire season, but they’ll also get the immensely cool benefits of one of the most exciting, vibrant countries on earth. So why attend a girls-only summer camp in the USA? Here are some of the best reasons.

Geography, beauty and climate of USA

Your girls will get to attend camp in a country with a great many natural and historical attractions. The remarkable array of geography, history, and climate across the United States gives your girls access to a wonderful insight into the world. They may be able to head to one of the country’s beautiful national parks (like Yellowstone, Arcadia, or Yosemite) or see some of the more historic sights in the world (Gettsyburg or Washington D.C.)

Plenty of Activities ideal for girls

American camps feature plenty of activities that are ideal for young girls. At these camps, girls can learn arts and crafts, dance, performing arts, pottery, horseback riding, gymnastics, singing, and much more. There are even glee clubs, wilderness camping, and weaving options at many. Along with that, there are plenty of activities for girls to do in the camp. America has a rich history of providing plenty of engaging physical activities to do at them. Your girls can play football, basketball, or softball, take up hiking or swimming, or learn how to golf (among any other options). There’s a wide selection of activities that the United States can provide to keep young girls happy, healthy, and engaged!

A History of Excellence

America has a long and celebrated history of excellent girls-only summer camps, with decades of experience backing up the remarkable camps that dot the country. There is even a century-old camps association in America! It’s a fantastic place for a young girl to spend the summer.
Empower your girls for a new generation with a safe and secure summer camp experience in the United States! Take a look at the options out there and decide what one is best for you and your family! Don’t hesitate to contact us for more help!
Discover our selection of the best girls only summer camps in USA for an unforgettable experience. If you are still unsure whether this is the best choice for you child, you can take a look at our hand-picked collection of the best summer camps in the USA for boys and girls.

Best Girls Summer Camps in USA

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