Summer Camps are very popular Worldwide. Discover our selection of The Best Summer Camps in the World.

Why send your kids to summer camp?

There are plenty of reasons why to send your child to summer camps, they provide, in fact, a range of unique opportunities. While at summer camps children are exposed to diversity, to the challenge of approaching children that may not normally meet, and to the satisfaction of making connections with them without their parent’s help. Furthermore, summer camps’ activities encourage self-development and teach them essential leadership skills by teaching them how to take care of themselves outside their comfort zone, and by encouraging them to develop a stronger sense of personal pride and self-reliance.

Which are the best summer camps in the World?

The best summer camps in the world are the ones whose programs are safe, well-conceived and well-run, and which can open a whole new world of friendship, interests, skills for your child. In the following list, you will find summer camps which can provide your child a breathing space where the pressure is off, where to experiment new skills, and where to relax and enjoy a few weeks away from home in a safe, healthy, and stimulating environment.

Best Summer Camps in the World

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