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Welcome to Eton College Summer School with Oxford Summer Courses

Our junior summer school supports ambitious young learners to explore their own path. Our tailored academic journeys nurture independence and critical thinking as part of an inclusive community. New for 2024! We have extended our popular juniors courses to partner with world-renowned Eton College for unique summer courses for 12 year-olds across a range of subjects from tech, enterprise and medicine to stories and history.

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Oxford Summer Courses has partnered with world-renowned Eton college to offer exciting week-long summer school experiences to children aged 12 from around the world.

Our courses are taught in small class sizes (maximum of 15 students) with experienced tutors providing optimal, fun and interactive learning opportunities to help them engage with the subject and get the most out of it.

Students aged 12 can choose from a range of 'explorers' subjects to study in their time at Eton, including: Enterprise, History, Law, Maths, Medicine, Science, Story and Technology (subject to availability). Each week-long course delves into the topic, with discussion and debate actively encouraged. Class schedules are carefully planned to ensure optimal learning with regular breaks. There is also an opportunity to attend for multiple weeks and study more than one subject if desired.

Students studying at Eton College with Oxford Summer Courses will have the opportunity to use the College's sporting facilities, including an olympic sized swimming pool. As part of the programme students will be taken on engaging excursions to other parts of the UK to compliment their learning as well as participate in fun social activities to help them build lasting friendships with their peers who attend from all over the world.

We take student welfare very seriously and highly trained staff will be on hand 24 hours a day to ensure students feel welcome and supported.


Oxford Summer Courses has partnered with Eton College to provide an exciting opportunity for students aged 12 to experience studying at the world-renowned college.

Eton College was established in 1440 by Henry VI under the provisions of providing free education to 70 boys who could then progress to further education.
Set in the outskirts of Windsor, Eton is regarded as one of the most prestigious public schools in the world. Twenty previous students at Eton (or "Old Etonians") have gone on to become British Prime Ministers, but it has also housed members of the British Royal Family, include Princes William and Harry and many famous British celebrities, such as actors Hugh Laurie and Eddie Redmayne and highly proclaimed authors Ian Fleming and George Orwell.

With architecture ranging from late Gothic through Neoclassical and Edwardian and beyond, the buildings and grounds of Eton College are a joy to behold. You and your new friends will stay in either the girl's or the boy's dormitory, both of which have shared bathroom facilities.

Shared Bedrooms

Max Varies campers per room

Private Rooms

Private rooms are available

Separate Bathrooms

Non-ensuite bathrooms

Ensuite Bathrooms

Room with ensuite bathroom


Dining Room
Games Room
Swimming Pool


Students participate in a range of activities whilst on course, which may include sports, a local visit or an organised event at the school, such as house cup games. There are also weekly excursions, which may include trips to UK historical sites or into London.

All students attend Friday night formal dinners and receive a graduation ceremony on the last Friday of their course to celebrate their progress.

Academic Courses

We have a range of academic courses available, including: Enterprise, History, Law, Medicine, Technology, Story, Science and Maths.


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  1. Yan Lisa Zhou, CA, 2023
    Quality of Teaching

    Safety and Supervision

    Campus and Facilities

    Extracurricular Activities


    My daughter Erica enjoyed the summer camp so much. She has new friends, enlarges her learning scope, and most important, she knows clearly what her goal is. This is a summer camp which beyond my expectation.

  2. Petru, Romania, 2023
    Quality of Teaching

    Safety and Supervision

    Campus and Facilities

    Extracurricular Activities


    What exactly made my stay great ?
    First of all, the people with whom we spend these days, those who organize the activities, carry them out with us, supervise them, take care of the details.
    In my case, Tom (Tomas Newman) and Philip (Marshall) were great in everything they did with us.

    Secondly, the content of the courses, their diversity, projects and practical activities related to technology exploration were very interesting.
    And thirdly, the trip to Longleat( the safari ) and to Bath, also the activities outside the study classes were very inspiring.
    Fourthly, the connections and friendships I made with my classmates and colleagues from different parts of the world delighted me, I hope they will last over time.
    And lastly, I want to say that even if I didn’t had my phone or any other device to play video games more than a hour a day it was one of the best weeks of my life.
    Thank you all for the wonderful time I spent with you this week!

  3. Shih Chia-Li, NL, 2023
    Quality of Teaching

    Safety and Supervision

    Campus and Facilities

    Extracurricular Activities


    Awesome Summer Program
    The team leaders, Tom and Philip, and all the staff are very friendly and caring. They created a happy and warming environment for kids. The courses are very interesting and give kids a very good opportunity to communicate and work together on projects. Team leaders kept all parents informed on everyday activities and shared all the photos. Kids all looked so happy and had a great time. They make a lot of friends and still keep on touch after the program. The only down side is that kids were having so much fun and forgot to call their parents. We will definitely consider to join again.

  4. Geoff, USA, 2023
    Quality of Teaching

    Safety and Supervision

    Campus and Facilities

    Extracurricular Activities


    My son attended this summer and he absolutely loved taking different classes and learning in a creative and collaborative way. The field trips were so amazing and they added a few more exciting ones as well! Staying multiple weeks was also a huge benefit as my son gained more confidence each week he was there and those who stayed, had extra field trips each weekend. He met new friends from other countries and was surrounded by a rich historical environment. Tom & Philip were absolute saints, as they ran the program, cared for our children, planned and organized everything, AND at the same time, had to manage a large text chain of over 70 anxious parents who constantly texted demands day and night…

  5. Sophia, July, 2023
    Quality of Teaching

    Safety and Supervision

    Campus and Facilities

    Extracurricular Activities


    My name is Sophia and I am from Bulgaria. I am 12 years old and this was my first summer camp all alone, far from my family and friends for two weeks. At first I was worried being away from home but then I made lots of friends and it was perfect. I liked science and stories but the activities were the best! I met kids from many different countries. Me and my new friends had a lot of fun. It was the best experience and we also visited very interesting places. The food was delicious. The staff was so nice and polite.

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