Kids today are much busier than we were as kids. With additional homework in the evenings and more of an emphasis on extracurriculars ranging from sports to music lessons, there is little time for a kid to simply be a kid and explore his own interests today.

The last thing you may want to do during the lazy days of summer is to put your child in a summer camp. Summer is, after all, a time for kids to let loose, hang out with friends, and splash around at the swimming pool. Yet the summer is also a great time for kids to explore interests they don’t have time for during the busy school year. And while most kids can happily entertain themselves just fine for a few days, inevitably the long days of summer will cause the boredom to set in. Summer camps are a great way to enrich a child’s interest as well as ease the boredom of a long summer.

Perhaps your child has been dreaming about gymnastics lessons or being an actor, but there just hasn’t been time for it, the summer is a great time to let your child explore his interests.

It may be that your child simply wants to try another sport out, such as swim lessons or soccer, while he normally plays basketball during the school year. Or perhaps she wants to try out her skills at computer programming or sculpting with a camp offered by the local college. There are such a wide variety of summer camps available today to suit almost any interest.

You might be surprised to discover new talents!
Some camps are designed to give you a variety of experiences, such as combining culinary arts with kayaking, and dramatic performance with karate. With camps ranging from a few days to a month or longer and from half-day camps to overnight camps, there is surely a camp close by that provides the opportunity for your child to explore his interests.

Camps are equally as available for kids of working parents as for kids with one stay-at-home parent. While some camps do off only half-day programs which is an inconvenience for working parents, many of these camps provide the option to extend the camp for an additional fee. Also, with most camps scheduled in one week blocks, you can schedule a karate class one week, followed by an art class the following week, and so on, which gives working parents the peace of mind to know their children’s days are being occupied by safe and supervised activities.

You and your kids will all be happy that you made the decision to try a new experience this summer with a summer camp or two! In another article, we have highlighted five reasons to send your child to a summer camp so take another five minutes to read it!

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