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Wenonah has been trusted by families from across Canada and around the world for generations. Located in the beautiful Muskoka region of Ontario (Canada), Wenonah is an overnight summer camp for 5–17 year olds with 30+ different activities. Wenonah offers 1 month, 2 week, and 3-7 day introductory periods, including one month leadership programs for 16 & 17 year olds.

Wenonah Summer Camp staff are outdoor education professionals, teachers, university and college graduates/students or senior high school students that share one thing in common: they are committed to providing making a positive difference in the lives of every Wenonah camper.

Our committed and caring leaders provide Summer Camp experiences in which the accomplishments of each person is valued and celebrated. Our staff team includes full-time medical staff.

The food at Camp Wenonah is second to none! Under the direction of Executive Chef and our food services team, three healthy homestyle meals and snacks are prepared each day. Each meal is made onsite with the freshest of ingredients. Our food service staff provide an amazing array of desserts, breads, pastries and more!

Canadian summer camps are destinations for children from around the world. Campers and staff travel to Wenonah from communities across Canada and recently from such countries as Mexico, Taiwan, Venezuela, Colombia, Guatemala, Martinique, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Malaysia, England, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, Hungary, Russia, Poland, Spain, Slovenia, Turkey and the United States.

Special attention is given to all international campers. Those campers traveling from overseas are welcome to arrive a day early, and a complimentary transportation service is provided from Pearson International Airport in Toronto. Upon arrival, campers are provided with a full orientation to the Wenonah experience. While at Camp, international campers are able to access phones to keep in touch with family at home. During the middle of each month, international campers are invited to join other Wenonah campers and staff for a day in the local community (Bracebridge, Ontario) for shopping, a meal and a movie.


Campers live in cabins while ROOTS, POLARIS, and WCIT participants make their home in tabins. All cabins and tabins are a short walk from either a central male or female washroom and shower house. All gender washrooms are also available. Washroom facilities feature flush toilets, private showers, and multiple sinks.

Our traditional wooden cabins can accommodate 10 to 14 campers and two staff members. All cabins feature bunk beds. Mattresses are provided in the cabins. With safety always top of mind, each cabin is equipped with smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, indoor/outdoor lighting and electrical outlets. Campers should bring their own sleeping bags and pillows

Our recently renovated multi-season raised platform canvas tabins house betwen 6 – 8 participants, and feature bunk and single beds in each structure. Each tabin is set up with smoke detectors and fire extinguishers, and there exterior lights throughout our ROOTS, POLARIS, and WCIT Villages. The privacy of our Villages participants to enjoy a classic camping experience while remaining close to private washrooms and shower facilities. ROOTS, POLARIS, and WCIT participants should bring their own sleeping bags and pillows.

Shared Bedrooms

Max 10-12 campers per room

Separate Bathrooms

Non-ensuite bathrooms


Dining Room
Arts room
Tennis Court
Basketball Court
Volleyball Court


It’s all about having fun, learning new things, and developing your skills at Wenonah. We offer lots of different programs and activities for campers to enjoy and challenge themselves while at Camp. We’re pretty sure you’ll find something to meet the interests of every camper!

The structure of a camper’s program depends on the Period they are registered in. Some Periods offer more individual choice programs, while our Introductory Periods are more cabin and group-based.

Activities include: Acoustic Guitar, Aquasports, Archery, Arts, Badminton, Beach Volleyball, Bouldering Wall, Canoeing, Canoe Tripping, Climbing, Crafts, Dangle-a-Maze, Dramatic Arts, Fitness Club, Frisbee Golf, Gaga Ball, Kayaking (Flatwater and White Water), Landsports, Mini Golf, Outdoor Living Skills, Paddlemaking, Sailing, Stand Up Paddleboard, Swimming / Lifesaving, Tennis, Wenonah Games (Camp Olympics), and so much more!

Academic Courses



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  1. Long time camper
    Quality of Teaching

    Safety and Supervision

    Campus and Facilities

    Extracurricular Activities


    I have truly found a home away from home. Camp means many things, to each person a new perspective, but it shows to me that anything is possible. People can find unlikely friendships in people that they wouldn’t talk to at school or in their community. It can strengthen old friendships and introduce you to new things like sports you haven’t played before. To me, Camp truly means family, and I have to say, thank you Camp Wenonah, for all of the great memories I have, and the memories to come.

  2. New Camper Parent
    Quality of Teaching

    Safety and Supervision

    Campus and Facilities

    Extracurricular Activities


    I just wanted to thank you for allowing my son the opportunity to attend Camp. He had a great time and came home with many new friends. He’s already asking if he can go back next year. For a kid who enjoys spending time indoors he seems to have found himself in a new and healthy lifestyle thanks to you.

  3. Long time camper #2
    Quality of Teaching

    Safety and Supervision

    Campus and Facilities

    Extracurricular Activities


    When I think ‘Camp,’ I think of the same words each time; friends, family, home, love. I think of the cabins, the lake, and the campgrounds. Put together, all these things create my summer home, my Camp Wenonah.

    Over the years, I have grown to love Camp more and more. Some may ask “why do you love Camp so much?” and for that there is no simple answer. To me, Camp is a home, with a family that loves you unconditionally. It is a home in which you are never left alone or without anything to do. A home where you don’t want to sleep or even blink, because when you do, you miss so much, so you try your hardest to live every moment. I love camp and I am counting down the days until I arrive there, returning home but at the same time feeling like I never left.

  4. Camper Parent
    Quality of Teaching

    Safety and Supervision

    Campus and Facilities

    Extracurricular Activities


    I’ve never seen my child as happy as when I picked her up. It was her first time at sleep away camp and she wants to go for two weeks next year. Just that one well taught her more responsibility and independence. I’m sure she’s met some life long friends too.

  5. Camper Parent
    Quality of Teaching

    Safety and Supervision

    Campus and Facilities

    Extracurricular Activities


    It’s the first time for my both children joined a camp and I am glad I made the right choice. They both enjoyed the time spent there, made new friends, learnt some new skills and would like to go back again.

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How to get to there

Address: 1324 Bird Lake Road, Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada
Closest Airport: Pearson International Airport (Toronto)
Airport Pickup: Camp Wenonah can provide pick up and drop off at Pearson International Airport (Toronto)

Things to know

Cancellation Policy

BEFORE JANUARY 31, 2024 – Full refund of all fees less a $50/week cancellation fee (per camper). FEBRUARY 1 – APRIL 2, 2024 -Full refund of all fees less a $100/week cancellation fee (per camper). AFTER APRIL 2, 2024 – All fees are non-refundable.

Covid Measures

We partner with the local health department and follow their advice and direction if there were to be concerns about COVID.

Health & Safety

The health, wellness, and safety of campers is our number one priority. We have a fully stocked modern health centre facility that is staffed by three Registered Nurses 24 hours a day during the Summer Camp season. Our Nurses are often Camp parents, and care deeply about looking after our campers. We are proud to meet and exceed the standards of the local Health and Fire Departments as well as the rigorous standards of the Ontario Camps Association.

Staff & Student Ratio

1 : 4

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