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Embark on a distinctive summer school journey with Oxford Summer Courses. On our exceptional academic courses, you will learn to think critically and independently and challenge your perspective through debate and discussion as part of an inclusive community of fellow learners from all over the world. Gain independence – both academically and socially all whilst being hosted within a University college or top British boarding school. Catering to learners aged 9-24, our courses span a range of subjects from Arts and Humanities, to Business and Economics, Law, Medicine, Tech, Engineering and Creative Writing – amongst many others (subjects available vary by age group). Each course lasts two weeks, however multiple back to back courses can be booked to experience more than one subject.

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Oxford Summer Courses offers exciting 1, 2 or 4-week summer programmes across 40+ subjects for students aged 9-24. Delve into topics you love, guided by an expert tutor, alongside students from all over the world all hosted within an Oxford or Cambridge University college or a top British boarding school.

Small class sizes mean that teaching can be tailored to your interests and classes are designed to challenge your perspective and develop new ways of thinking through debate and discussion. Our courses are free from the restrictions of a set syllabus or exams, instead you are supported to explore your passions and really engage with the subject matter. This teaching style mirrors the one used by the University of Oxford, with it's reputation for rapid development and focus on independent and critical thinking skills. We know these skills are essential to unlock effective decision-making and help you decide your own path.

To top it off, you will also benefit from excursions to renowned historical sites in the UK to support your learning, social activities to help build new lifelong friendships, formal college dinners and a graduation at the end of your course.

At Oxford Summer Courses you can learn without limits - the only questions is: where will your learning take you?


Accommodation varies by age group.

in 2024, students aged 9-12 may stay in Harrow School, St John's Beaumont or Eton College (12 year olds only) - all the sites we work with are renowned, quintessentially British boarding schools with excellent facilities.

Our accommodation for 13-24 year olds is in selected Oxford and Cambridge University Colleges.

For 13-15 year-old students, these include Lady Margaret Hall and New College, Oxford or Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge.

16-17 year old students may stay in Somerville College or Worcester College, Oxford or Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge

Students aged 18-24 may stay in Worcester College, Oxford or Corpus Christie, Cambridge

Shared Bedrooms

Max Varies by age group campers per room

Private Rooms

Private rooms are available

Separate Bathrooms

Non-ensuite bathrooms

Ensuite Bathrooms

Room with ensuite bathroom


Dining Room


Students participate in a range of activities whilst on course, which may include sports, games, a local visit or an organised event at the college/school. There are also weekly excursions outside of the city, which may include trips to UK historical sites or into London (these vary by week, location and by age group). In addition older students are given free time to explore the city in groups.

All students attend Friday night formal dinners and receive a graduation ceremony on the last Friday of their course to celebrate their progress.

Academic Courses

We have more than 40 academic courses available to choose from, from Business and Entrepreneurship, Medicine, Law, Engineering, Psychology and Maths through to Creative Writing, History and Marketing and Media - plus many more!



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  1. Julie, Switzerland, July 2023
    Quality of Teaching

    Safety and Supervision

    Campus and Facilities

    Extracurricular Activities


    Best of all summer camps so far!
    This is the 4th Summer Camp for our daughter and the 1st time with Oxford Summer Courses and by far the best! She was positively gushing over the phone every two days what a great time she was having! Her Chemistry tutor was excellent and she is even more encouraged that this her subject of choice for studying at Uni. She had a good time in class but also had fun with all the organised activities and trips. She particularly enjoyed the day trip to London and the outdoor Shakespeare theatre evening! Highly recommend!

  2. Megan Klee, USA, August 2023
    Quality of Teaching

    Safety and Supervision

    Campus and Facilities

    Extracurricular Activities


    Phenomenal Experience!
    Oxford Summer Courses was a phenomenal experience. I especially gained from the tutorial style seminars, as opposed to a lecture seminar. We were expected to learn all of the material prior to the course, and then have a three hour discussion in class, based off of what we read/learned prior. This experience opened my eyes to what learning can be. This style of learning is far more engaging, and likely effective than the mere expectation of hearing material in class and then consuming the information for later regurgitation. This setting fostered critical thinking and emulated a peer-review experience, that is expected in higher academia. I also appreciated and enjoyed being able to engage with my tutor during class, having the time to ask questions and delve into answers. The small class setting made this possible. Lastly, Oxford Summer Courses was a great environment to make friends and acquaintances from different walks of life, with the opportunity to learn about different cultures.

  3. Ceren Yilmaz, BG, July 2023
    Quality of Teaching

    Safety and Supervision

    Campus and Facilities

    Extracurricular Activities


    I had the best experience of my life
    I had the best experience of my life. For two weeks, I had a chance to learn and explore amazing knowledge by a very kind tutor. Besides the classes, the friendship I had during two weeks, all the great activities and relevant stuff made my experience much more amazing. I recommend it to everyone who is willing to go and see Oxford’s fascinating atmosphere with a very informative course.

  4. Prisha, India, July 2023
    Quality of Teaching

    Safety and Supervision

    Campus and Facilities

    Extracurricular Activities


    Had the time of my life. This experience is so precious to me and I hold it very dear to my heart. I studied the Business and Entrepreneurship 13-15 course and absolutely loved it. My classmates were engaging and the course was made absolutely delightful with my tutor. She made creative activities and held interactive discussions to further my knowledge on business. Apart from the studies, this experience is something I wouldn’t trade a thing for. The friends I made… the experiences I had… is something very very dear to me. Attending OSC truly made my 2023 summer the best one I had.

  5. Yan Lisa Zhou, Canada, August 2023
    Quality of Teaching

    Safety and Supervision

    Campus and Facilities

    Extracurricular Activities


    My daughter Erica enjoyed the summer camp so much. She has new friends, enlarges her learning scope, and most important, she knows clearly what her goal is. This is a summer camp beyond my expectation.

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