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Welcome to Global Achievers Academy | Global Citizenship & Leadership Summer Camp

Our Global Achievers Academy builds global changemakers through a unique programme of international cohort travel. Our students are taken on a transformative journey alongside a vibrant and inclusive cohort community of diverse and talented individuals who share a passion for making a positive impact on the world and building a sustainable future.

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Programme Overview

Global Achievers Academy builds global change-makers through a unique programme of international cohort travel. With 4 destinations across 4 summers, our students will make friends and remain connected for life, as they travel through the four destinations as a cohort and share a common passion for making a positive impact on the world and building a sustainable future.


The programme spans four continents:

  • North America (Boston)
  • Europe (London)
  • Asia (Singapore)
  • Africa (Cape Town)

Each destination is carefully selected for its safety and cultural richness, aligning perfectly with our globally focused curriculum.

Curriculum Highlights

The wide and varied curriculum is based on 5 diverse and interesting key modules, which have been built with a focus on the United Nation’s 17 sustainable development goals:

Technology & the Future - Investigating the latest technological advancements and their future implications.

World History/Geographies & Art - Exploring the diverse narratives of global history, geography, and artistic expressions.

Sustainability & the Environment - Emphasizing environmental stewardship and sustainable practices.

Leadership & Politics - Cultivating leadership skills and understanding global political dynamics.

Finance & Economics - Enhancing knowledge in global economic frameworks and financial literacy.

Where applicable, we base the topics on the location in which the students are staying.

Volunteering and Community Engagement

Students participate in volunteering and community service initiatives, gaining practical experience in making a real-world impact. These activities are designed to instil a sense of global responsibility and foster deeper connections with diverse communities.

Guest Speakers

The programme includes sessions with guest speakers from various sectors, providing students with insights into different industries and global challenges. These sessions are structured to promote critical thinking and offer inspiration from established leaders and innovators in various fields.

Would you like to know more about us? Watch our Meet The Team video here:


Our students stay in university halls of residence at the nearby Tufts University another highly ranked private institution located a short subway ride away. Set in 150 acres with a wealth of sports facilities and green spaces, the halls of residence provide the perfect backdrop for students to relax, sleep and eat after a busy day studying at Harvard! Accommodation is in single and twin rooms, with common bathrooms along the corridor. Communal spaces are also available.

Shared Bedrooms

Max 1 campers per room

Private Rooms

Private rooms are available

Separate Bathrooms

Non-ensuite bathrooms


Dining Room
Games Room
Swimming Pool


Cultural and Educational Activities

At the Global Achievers Academy, students will partake in diverse cultural and educational activities providing a mix of entertainment and education.

In Boston, highlights include exploring the Salem Museum, touring Harvard University, and visiting the United Nations headquarters.
In the UK, the adventure includes a night at a West End Musical, an exploration of Cambridge and Oxford, and a fun-filled day at a major theme park.
The Asian segment features visits to Universal Studios, the Science Museum Singapore, the Wild Wild Wet water theme park, and the Gardens by the Bay.

These are just a few examples of the engaging and varied experiences awaiting our students.
Stay updated by following us on our social media, as we will be announcing more activities and providing further details about our program.

Academic Courses

Technology & the Future, World History/Geographies & Art, Sustainability & the Environment, Leadership & Politics, Finance & Economics


Contact the camp

+44 7503 828487

How to get to there

Address: Tufts Boston Campus, 274 Tremont St, Boston, MA 02111, United States
Closest Airport: Boston Logan International Airport
Airport Pickup: Available for additional fee

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