Switzerland is one of the best places in the world to attend Autumn Camp. Discover the best autumn camps in Switzerland.

Why choosing Switzerland for autumn holiday camp?


Autumn camp is a special type of community where kids come together to have fun but if you are considering Switzerland for a autumn holiday camp you probably also wish that your kid(s) will learn or improve a new language. The dominant languages of Switzerland are German and French but most of the camps will take place in English.

Campuses and surroundings

It is well-known that educational institutes in Switzerland are some of the best and most prestigious in the world. Most campuses are located in some of the most iconic locations with a breathtaking panorama. Kids are surrounded by lakes and mountains, allowing many different types of outdoor activities and sport in just a few minutes drive.

Chocolate and cheese

Swiss cows are iconic and provide the milk necessary for the best cheeses and chocolates. Your kid(s) love cheese or chocolate? Summer Camps in Switzerland will propose for example a delicious excursion to the Cailler-Nestle factory. Kids will learn how the cheeses and chocolates are made and taste freshly made delicious products.

Paradise for nature-lovers

Mighty mountains, dark gorges, deep-green forests, picturesque lakes, rushing waterfalls, mystical moors – Switzerland is a paradise for nature-lovers. Kids will discover pristine nature, flora, and fauna and seek inspiration in places of tranquillity and energy. Switzerland is home to an estimated 7000 or so lakes, many of which are spectacularly beautiful.

Let the adventure begin. Discover here some of the most renowned autumn holiday camps in Switzerland.

Best Autumn Holiday Camps in Switzerland

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