LAS Summer in Switzerland

Co-Educational (LAS summer - 10-17, LAS summer edge 13-17)
Overnight camp
+41 24 493 47 23
Chemin de la Source 3 Leysin, Switzerland 1854
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Year of foundation 1949
Accomodation type Dormitory
Boarding Overnight camp
Language English
Number of students LAS summer: 160 per session, LAS summer edge: 30
Teacher student ratio LAS summer: 1:5 per session, LAS summer edge: 1:3
Duration LAS summer: 3, 2-week sessions --> LAS summer edge 1, 3-week session
Months Running June, July, August
Fee (min) LAS summer: 5,100 --> LAS summer edge: 9,000
Fee (max) LAS summer: 13,200 --> LAS summer edge: 9,000


LAS summer
LAS summer allows you to hand-pick all the components of your summer experience so they are tailored to your personal aspirations and interests. Select from one of three morning programs: the Language Program, Academic Program, or Sports Program, and participate in afternoon clubs, activities, evening socials, and excursions. Your perfect summer awaits!

LAS summer edge
Our second program, LAS summer edge®, is an exclusive program for students wanting to build their confidence and leadership skills for future life success. LAS summer edge® is a three week program focused and themed upon the LAS mission of “developing innovative, compassionate, and responsible citizens of the world.”

LAS Edge
Summer Edge



LAS summer: Paragliding, Sports, Paddle Boarding, Dirt Scooting, Make a Movie, Art, Cooking & Baking, Hip Hop Dance, Martial Arts, Helping Hands, Music Creation, Robotics & Coding / LAS summer edge: Paragliding, Canyoning, Water Skiing, Skydiving Simulator, Virtual Reality Gaming, and Wake Boarding

Academic Courses

LAS summer - Junior Program: Legendary Adventures, Superstars in History, The Magic of the Mountains, The STEAM Machine - Senior Program: Secrets of Great Leaders, The Crime Lab, Climate Changers, Crazy Constructions, Drone School, Great Escapes, Inventions That Changed the World, Legendary Expeditions / LAS summer edge:During the summer of 2020, students will look at the challenge of climate change through the lenses of innovation, compassion, and responsibility. Projects, workshops, and inspiring speakers will all be a part of this program as students learn what it takes to address a challenge confidently, effectively, and with a team.

Language Courses

LAS summer: English (Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced) and French (Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced) / LAS summer edge: English, with some excursions in Italy and in the French regions of Switzerland.


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