Best Hockey Camps in the World

Best Hockey Camps in the World
November 20, 2019

Hockey Camps are a perfect way for enthusiastic hockey lovers to get closer to the action. Players will be given the chance to pick up new languages and keep fit throughout the course of their camp, forge long-term relationships and better understand the professional aspects of their favourite sport.

Indispensable life skills such as teamwork, self-discipline and self-motivation are also taught in hockey camps, which improves the overall quality of life.

These camps may be run by colleges, licensed coaches, sport academies, and even former professional players, who are specialised in offering the most effective hockey training.

Choosing the right hockey camp will ensure that students receive the perfect training schedule and support to suit their specific needs. At World Camps, we provide educators, students and parents with the information they require in selecting the most suitable educational curriculum. Contact us for more help!

Best hockey Camps in the World

Nike Hockey Camps

Nike Hockey Camps

Residential 6- or 13-night camps for boys and girls aged 9-17 at two leading private schools in England. The unique coaching programmes are designed and led by former British Olympic ...
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