The hassle and tussle of finding a summer camp every year can be daunting. Without a proper marketing framework, it might take ages for potential parents and willing campers to find your camp. This is what “Best Camp Collection” is all about. We fill the void and make parents search much more straightforward.

What’s a “Best Camp Collection?”

At World Camps, we focus on helping camps market their services. In addition, we help parents searching for camps for their children in the search and enrollment process. Since the inception of World Camps back in 2016, we have gained immense popularity. We rank as the best website for parents looking for camps for their kids.

Member camps are featured in multiple “Best Camp Collections” categorized by the country of the camp. This makes it easy for parents looking for camps to refine their search process. Also, parents can search for camps based on a specific region or country. We also provide a full description of individual camps, their specific location in the country, and the fee structure.

What are the Benefits for your camp?

Both parents and camps benefit immensely by joining Best camp Collection. For parents, they gain access to a plethora of camp options with a detailed description. Fee structures, location, and navigation guide are also included on our website. It makes it easier to find the camp online but also to trace it on the actual ground. In our camp description, we outline the activities, gender, and if the camp is full boarding or day camp.

When it comes to camps, our online collection is accessible to thousands of parents and students daily. Listing your camp with us is a recipe for top visibility. You are assured of high-quality traffic and conversions from families searching for top camps. We can broaden your camp’s international reach, with visitors from more than 170 countries visiting our website.

Register Your camp

With all these at stake, it is prudent to become part of this unique global platform. It connects leading camps and families from even the remotest part of the world. Contact us for various membership options or visit this page.

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