At World Camps we are dedicated to redefining digital marketing for summer camps from all over the world. As the best ranking guide connecting families with the leading camps, we created an unique approach to drive traffic to our members resulting of 5 unique reasons to join.

Being in charge of online marketing in a school is full of challenges when it comes to select the best channels to advertise your camp in. Camp directors who signed up their camp previously have reported great results for this summer! Discover 5 Reasons, why joining World Camps will be essential for your camp to recruit more campers for summer 2020!

1. More Visibility & Traffic

World Camps is today the #1 ranking website on google for families searching for the best Summer Camps all over the world. Camps which join will be included in unlimited top ranking collections relevant for their country or specialty. As a result of joining top ranking guides, camps will get exponentially higher visibility, awareness and traffic for their website and networks.

2. More Recognition

With a listing on World Camps, your Camp will become featured in unlimited #1 ranking ‘best of’ collections, for example ‘Best Summer Camps in the world’.

3. More Camp Inquiries

In 2018, World Camps reached the record of 3’000 inquiries, that were forwarded to our member Camps. The way it works is that our inhouse admission team will review each and every inquiry very carefully in order and pre-qualify it before forwarding it to the Camps admission department. This ensures that we can send you requests from families that are relevant for your location, age and gender requirements.

4. International Reach

Reaching more international families is a major interest for many camps. World Camps will help you reach new families worldwide. Our target audience consists of families from more than 170 different countries and is actively searching for summer camps. The top 10 locations of World Camps visitors in 2019 are United States (15%), United Kingdom (6%), Spain (4%), Germany (4%), Saudi Arabia (3%), Switzerland (3%), United Arab Emirates (3%), Italy (3%), Canada (2%), France (2%).

5. Relevant Audience

Most millennial families simply start their search on Google and will find World Camps on the first page. Since 80% of our traffic is organic, our member Camps will be found by families who are actively searching for Camps and who are searching right now. Parents who enter World Camps from these search terms will be highly relevant for every camp presented to them in the collections.

How to register your Camp?

When signing up to World Camps, your camp will receive a dedicated profile page and you will be featured in various top-ranking collections, which generate qualified traffic and increase potential for new summer camp enrolments from around the world.
If you would like to move ahead the first step is to receive a proposition from us. Leave your details on this page and we will get back to you shortly with the membership options.

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