EHL Junior Academy

Co-Educational (14-18)
Overnight camp
+41 21 785 11 11
Route de Cojonnex 18, Lausanne, Switzerland
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Year of foundation
Accomodation type On Campus : Rooms & Flats
Boarding Overnight camp
Language English, only one session in Lausanne in French
Number of students
Teacher student ratio
Duration From 1 to 3 weeks
Months Running April, June, July and August
Fee (min) 1 690.- CHF
Fee (max) 9 000.- CHF


Join other students for a transformative experience and open your mind to the diverse career opportunities in hospitality, travel, entertainment, luxury brands, high tech and many more. The EHL Junior Academy introduces you to the trends and technologies that are shaping the future, based on examples from the hospitality and service industries. Overall, you will acquire a strong foundation of business knowledge and a useful set of soft skills for future academic and professional success.

The EHL Junior Academy takes place during the summer and is offered on-campus in Switzerland and Singapore. The interactive workshops and fun activities develop knowledge and skills around Business & Innovation, Culinary Arts, International Hospitality and Luxury Brand Management

The EHL Digital Academy prepares students to learn and interact in digital environments. Through live sessions and group projects, participants discover the latest trends in technology while developing digital-savvy for online collaboration, communications, and social media.

Prepare to stand out

Develop New Skills
Hands-on activities and interactive workshops develop the most valuable skills for the future of work: soft skills! Exercise your cultural awareness, analytical thinking, teamwork and communication skills, and build a collaborative mindset.

Build a Foundation
You will be introduced to the inner workings of hospitality business management. Through group projects and real-world case studies, you develop a strong foundation of business knowledge along with leadership skills.

Make Connections
Going beyond the classroom, the EHL experience builds cultural awareness and international friendships. On-campus, you enjoy the culture and amazing landscapes of Switzerland or Singapore. In the virtual campus, you learn to create meaningful connections in the digital environment.

EHL Academy - university preparation program in Hospitality



Hospitality Business & Innovation
• Welcome to EHL Campus Lausanne – Discover our state-of-the-art campus in Lausanne and get a taste of student life in Switzerland.
• Hospitality Business – Get an intro to the business side of Hospitality Management.
• Excellence in Hospitality – Develop essential professional skills for the hospitality industry.
• Hospitality Kitchen – Become familiar with the basics of a professional kitchen.
• Excursions & activities – Enjoy a tour of Lausanne, a vineyard visit and a gala dinner.
EHL Campus Lausanne

Introduction to Culinary Arts
• Welcome to EHL Campus Passugg – Discover our cosy, resort-style campus in Chur-Passugg and get a taste of life in Switzerland’s top Alpine tourism region.
• Culinary Arts – Get creative in the kitchen and learn from world-class chefs and experts.
• Traditional Hospitality – Go behind the scenes in the world of hospitality operations.
• Excursions & activities like a tour of a 5-star hotel, an Alpine activity and a gala dinner.
EHL Campus Passugg

International Hospitality & Luxury Brand Management
• Welcome to EHL Campus (Singapore) – Discover our newly refurbished campus and explore Asia’s greenest big city, where cultures mingle, and the future is taking shape.
• Hospitality & Luxury – Learn about two dynamic industries and global career perspectives.
• Business in Asia –See how Singapore attracts multinational companies with high-tech advances in business and sustainable development.
• Excursions & activities – Enjoy the refined food and tourism offers in Asia and meet with EHL alumni and students. EHL Campus (Singapore)

Hospitality Trends in a Digital World
• Welcome to EHL Digital Campus – Learn to navigate in a virtual environment and collaborate in a digital workplace.
• Hospitality & Technology – Identify how technology is affecting the hospitality industry.
• Online Communication – Be more effective in a virtual world and learn the art of multicultural communication.
• Game Challenge – Develop a whole new concept, create an amazing experience and impress your imaginary investors
• Social Media – Learn how to manage your brand on social media, tell your story and become an influencer.
EHL Digital Campus – 100 % Online

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