Camp Golden Gate

Co-Educational (10-18)
Overnight camp
+359 88 635 1009
Heino, Netherlands
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Year of foundation 2017
Accomodation type shared rooms in 2 cabins – one for boys, one for girls
Boarding Overnight camp
Language English
Number of students 88
Teacher student ratio 1 : 7
Duration 2 weeks
Months Running July
Fee (min) 1300
Fee (max) 1380


Camp Golden Gate is an International American Summer Camp, with a particual focus on conversational English. We bring students together from each corner of the globe to be part of the ultimate diversity experience. Camp Golden Gate creates an environment that delivers an equilibrium between mind and body, fostering intellectual learning with a broad range of multi-functional activities, aimed to keep you smiling and having fun throughout your time with us.

The program takes place in an adventure-focused children’s campground only about an hour and a half away from Amsterdam (around 130 km), 17 km from the small town of Zwolle. Our campgrounds are made up of 16 acres, the area entails a forest-rich environment and includes 2,5 acres of water. Students are accommodated in large 2-floor camping dormitories in rooms of 6-8. All students stay on the second floor, while the first floor is occupied by shared kitchenette, living room and bathrooms and the teachers’ rooms.

Camp Golden Gate offers the same exciting program in a seaside setting at the Bulgarian Black Sea coast! Join the summer adventure at an even better price by going to our website!

Camp Golden Gate - Unforgettable Summer 2017
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The leisure program includes afternoon and evening activities on weekdays as well as day-long weekend excursions. The program offers an extremely wide variety of activities and entertainment for children to choose from every day. Afternoon activities include fun play such as: beach sports, pool party, swimming, canoeing, horse-back riding, high ropes obstacle course, tennis, soccer, and many more. Evening activities include: icebreakers, team building games, talent shows, presentations, disco nights, movie nights, and more. The price includes an all-day excursion to the largest roller coaster theme park in the Netherlands with many amazing rides for all agaes and a tour of Amsterdam with staff.

Academic Courses

For 2 weeks the students will participate in a completely innovative and interactive learning experience that puts aside traditional teaching methods. Each student will be motivated to use their own initiative to solve cases or overcome challenges both as a leader and as part of a team. Students choose one course per week. Classes take place 3 hours per day. ~ [Drama] ~ The purpose of this course is to develop confidence and synthesize advanced elements of theater arts into final production using various media, techniques, and processes. ~ [Introduction to Business] ~ This class introduces business concepts and skills students need in today’s competitive environment and why entrepreneurship is such an important component of any business. Problem-solving becomes a crucial element in this class as students examine current business issues. ~ [Journalism] ~ This course introduces students to the fascinating world of print and online media. Law, ethics and the history of journalism will complement the major units of study: reporting, writing, editing, photography, advertising, design, management and teamwork. ~ [International Relations] ~ The students learn about the major driving forces on the international scene and how they interact with one another. They explore fundamental concepts in international relations through political, socio-economic and legal lenses and apply them to current affairs around the globe. ~ [Public Speaking] ~ The course provides experiences that are conducive to life-changing, cognitive, and presentational skills. In addition, through public speaking students acquire unique educational benefits as they learn and polish skills far beyond what can be learnt in any other setting.

Language Courses

All classes are taught in English and focus on developing students' spoken English, social and creative skills, empowering the leaders of tomorrow.


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