LAS @Home

Co-educational ()
Online Camp

Year of foundation
Accomodation type Online Camp
Boarding Online Camp
Number of students 5
Teacher student ratio 1: 5
Months Running July
Fee (min) 800 CHF
Fee (max) 800 CHF


Leysin American School in Switzerland offer now new virtual summer program, LAS @home. They have designed this online program with an individualized approach and a special focus on community building and balance.

The goal of LAS @home is to help our students make friends from all around the world, learn how to maintain a healthy virtual lifestyle, and discover new passions in engaging courses like Crazy Constructions and Learning English Through the Arts.

How will LAS @home differ from other online programs? This program is based on the following principles:

Individualized Approach
Help students combat apathy by discovering new passions
through a choice of engaging themes.

Community Building
Make friends from around the world
in the face of isolation.

Create healthy habits in your child’s
virtual lifestyle.


Program Dates:

July 6, 2020 – July 10, 2020

Choose one live session daily to attend
each week (Swiss time):

8:00 – 10:30    |    12:00 – 14:30    |   16:00 – 18:30



Example Day: Crazy Constructions

iConnect - 45 minutes
  • Virtual Icebreaker: ‘Two truths and a lie’ about yourself.
  • Warm-up Quiz: Identify famous buildings.
  • Content Presentation: Famous buildings from quiz.
weCreate - 30 minutes
  • Timed Competition: Build a model of one of the famous buildings (use materials prepared).
weConnect - 30 minutes
  • Share your creation with the whole group.
  • Instructions for the iCreate steps.
weCreate & weConnect - 45 minutes
  • Create: Virtual Reality viewer with smartphone and cardboard.
  • Complete: Google expedition virtual tour of one of the famous buildings.
Optional Additional Activity iCreate - about 60 minutes
  • Use the same materials from earlier to build the tallest structure possible and break it to find out how strong it is.

Example Day: Learning English Through the Arts

iConnect - 45 minutes
  • Virtual Icebreaker: ‘One word at a time’ - build a story.
  • Warm-up Game: Charades themed around today’s vocabulary.
  • Content Presentation: Vocabulary of first scene.
weCreate & weConnect - 45 minutes
  • Timed Presentation: Break into groups of three and create a reenactment of the given scene.
weConnect - 30 minutes
  • Share your presentation with the whole group.
  • Instructions for the iCreate steps.
iCreate - 45 minutes
  • Complete: Solve clues to complete an escape game at Shakespeare’s Globe Theater
  • Daily group photo: Theme of high five your neighbor.
Optional Additional Activity iCreate - about 60 minutes
  • Find or create a costume to go along with a given monologue. Practice the monologue in costume, then record and share.

Academic Courses

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